Jul 22, 2022

10 Summer Saving Tips

How can you save money this summer so that you may spend it on the things that matter most to you, such as beach trips or just having a financially stress-free summer?‍ Here are ten ideas you can use to save money during those warm summer months!

10 Summer Saving Tips

Prices are rising everywhere just as summer approaches, bringing with it the additional expenses that come with it.  For example summer camps for the kids,  possible home upgrades, summer festivals and excessive amounts of ice cream. It's easy to become overwhelmed—not because of the ice cream, mind you. How can you save money this summer so that you may spend it on the things that matter most to you, such as beach trips or just having a financially stress free summer?

Here are ten ideas you can use to save money during those warm months of summer:

1. Take Advantage of the Great Outdoors

Get outside and take advantage of the longer days and beautiful weather. There are many free or low-cost outdoor activities you can participate in, such as hiking, biking, walking or jogging, picnicking, and more! The options are limitless.

Here’s a list of FREE summer activity ideas for you to try with your kids.

2. Have a Garage Sale to Turbocharge Your Savings

Who doesn't enjoy a traditional garage sale? It's time to jump on the spring-cleaning bandwagon, rummage through the attic or closet, and start organizing a garage sale to bring in those extra bucks.

If you don't want to deal with the inconvenience of cleaning out your garage, sell your stuff online! Post photographs and prices of the products online, let customers Venmo your payment, and then drop the item off on their doorstep. Easy peasy way to get more savings right?

3. Plan travel with online tools

You may be well aware that inflation rates today have hit travel! But savings favor the prepared!

Hotels, airlines, and tourist hotspots will do everything they can to attract summer visitors. This means that if you're used to traveling, you'll be able to save a lot of money. Be sure to check out sites like Booking.com, Airbnb, Jetsetter and CheapOair, coupons and discounts are often readily available, especially for last-minute travelers.

4. Buy Road Trip Snacks BEFORE You Leave

Planning a summer road trip with your family? There's still time to save money! Rather than stopping for refreshments along the way, stock up ahead of time at the dollar store. This will save you from overpaying for snacks at the convenience store or gas station.  Make those family times extra worthwhile!

Here is a list of budget friendly snacks to hit the road.

Travelling Tips That Save You Money

5. Ditch the Gym for Summer

This is one of the easiest summer money saving tips. In the summer, the entire world is your gym. To save money, consider suspending your gym membership during the summer. The best part? You get to enjoy the warm weather while you are at it! So if you're in the mood for something fun, fresh, and gets you moving, Shape has these great 10 outdoor workout ideas that are perfect to do solo or with a group that cost nothing! Ps. don't forget to dab on the SPF and make sure your workout playlist is updated.

6. Plan a Staycation

Don't overlook the appeal of planning for a staycation. You don't have to leave your house to have a fantastic vacation. You could spend your holiday at home doing activities you wouldn't ordinarily do because you don't have the time normally. Make a list of popular tourist attractions in your city, think about locations you've always wanted to visit, and check online for ideas for a staycation. You can plan a trip for a weekend, a few days, or a week. You also save money on travel expenses like airline and lodging. This is a fantastic way to get to know your neighborhood while saving money for your summer trip.

7. Cook More Meals #BBQSeason

Making too many restaurant trips can put a heavy burden on your bank account. Try to challenge yourself to make more meals at home to save those extra bucks. And make it fun! Consider bringing your meals outside and try those recipes on the grill, the options are limitless! It's a great way to switch things up for the summer. A bonus: grilling transforms a simple dinner into a fun picnic so call up the gang!

8. Pay for Day-to-Day Expenses With Cash

Examine your budget and identify which spending categories can be converted to cash-only payments (for example, entertainment or dining). Cash helps you stay within your budget because you can't spend money you don't have. Whereas credit card payments can entice you to make impulse purchases, cash helps you stick to your budget because you can't spend money you don't have. (Major daily savings hack here).

The Envelope System

9. Replace the Filters in Your Air Conditioner

It's easy to ignore this routine maintenance, but a dirty filter will raise your cooling bills. Filters that are dirty hinder airflow and reduce air conditioner efficiency, resulting in longer run times and greater cooling expenses. Filters are inexpensive, so replace them on a regular basis. Here is a DIY tutorial on how to replace your air conditioner.

10. Bike and Walk When You Can

If you live close to work, consider riding your bike instead of driving. You can save money on parking and petrol by making this ecologically responsible choice. Some employers even reward employees for riding their bikes to work. It's also a wonderful way to get some exercise and meet new people. Here are the best road bikes of 2022 for you to get some biking inspiration.

Have a Plan for Summer Savings

When you get paid, decide on a plan. Setting goals for savings can help you stay motivated to keep saving throughout the summer and beyond. Make sure your goals are specific, realistic, and that you have a clear time frame for reaching them. Using a budgeting spreadsheet or a budgeting app that includes a savings goal tracker can help you monitor your progress.

There are many ways to save money this summer, from vacations away from home to staycations enjoying your city to organizing backyard barbecues for your family and friends.

Fortunately, by making a few minor adjustments to your home and lifestyle, you may lessen the financial strain without sacrificing summer enjoyment. The most important thing to remember is to have fun.

Happy Saving! 


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